My passion lies in shocking you with your own capabilities

Common phrases like I’m too old for that or Maybe I could have when I was younger don’t exist in my business.

Over the years my clients have been consistently shocked and surprised at how much can be achieved after 50 years of age with the right guidance, attention to detail and level of care that can’t be matched. I believe that your work in the gym and with a coach should enhance your life and make daily tasks easier and give you a feeling of turning back the clock. My mission is always to do the best for you the client, in the moment. The you from yesterday may not be the same you today.

It’s not over yet!

Core Values


A Truly
individual experience

Your program is based off of my testing protocols and experience. There are no shortcuts. Everyone should be able to perform fundamental movements but making you progress is achieved via personal programming.

Care and

attention to detail

Your experience in the gym should always be enjoyable and leave you with a sense of achievement and fulfillment. My clients get undivided attention and my customer service cannot be matched.

Over-deliver and
Exceed expectations

I aim to go above and beyond. Whether it’s programming, customer service, energy or knowledge, I want to give you my best.

Let’s Get Started


  • Dave is by far the best trainer I have ever had. They constantly challenge me physically and mentally and always make our workouts fun. One of their greatest strengths is helping people achieve their individual fitness goals. I accomplished more working with RWSS than I ever thought I could do!Kelly Miller
  • I have had several operations, both knees, very successful in recovery, but also both rotator cuffs ten years and more ago, not so successful. I had trouble even putting dishes away into high cabinets. Now I can do that with my left and am gaining both strength and lifting abilities with my right. Since working with you Dick has begun to retrieve strength he hadn’t had for years, AND he feels so good! He has even begun to run again, mainly for the times he is away and wants to see a new city, or run along Monterey Bay! We feel you have provided a new beginning for our physical welfare, and we are indebted!Kristine F. Brecht
  • It will be 4 years this fall since I started training with Dave. I can’t say enough about what a difference it has made in everything I do — both physically and mentally! He sets the highest standard for personal training. He knows how to make it enjoyable and challenging!
    R. Slater
  • Dave is an awesome personal trainer.  I’ve had many different trainers over the past few years and have stuck with Dave because he knows what he is doing.  He’s experienced, motivating, and keeps me accountable.  Our sessions are always challenging and he is constantly changing the routines so it’s never boring.  I have gained 10 lbs of muscle training with him and will continue to be one of his regular clients!
    L. Chang